Fake News. Is It Still A Problem?

Oct 17, 2017

Fake News. The terminology was thrust in the limelight during the 2016 presidential election –thank you President Trump-. But the months move on, and...

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An update on GDPR. What’s Changed?

Oct 10, 2017

As we get closer and closer towards the 2018 GDPR deadline (25th may 2018), there seems to be more and more anxiety as to what these regulations will...

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Publishers, Why the Obsession With Mobile?

Oct 3, 2017

It seems like publishers these days are all fascinated and are focussing the majority of their efforts into mobile. This doesn’t just rest with...

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How Many Emails Are Too Many Emails?

Sep 26, 2017

In this day and age of marketing, companies and publishers have access to possibly the most valuable tool in their arsenal. A direct link to their...

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Subscriptions. An Update On Publisher's Strategies

Sep 1, 2017

We previously established that political news was one of the key factors when it came to making readers pay for content, and in this blog, we’ll once...

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Ad-Block. Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It.

Aug 15, 2017

Just when we feel we have worked out a way to bypass Ad blockers, there’s another roadblock to attend to and publishers are essentially back to square...

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Engagement, Is It Really That Important?

Aug 9, 2017

Recently we covered the topic of engagement for publishers and their audience within the industry. We also conducted research and considered how...

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Paid readership across the globe. What Does The Map Look Like When It Comes To Paying For News?

Jul 11, 2017

Paying for news doesn’t seem like such a taboo subject anymore. It seems that in recent months it ‘s the only insurance you can take to make sure that...

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The Move from Print to Digital. What To Do, and How To do it.

Jun 29, 2017

There’s been a lot of noise recently about going digital as a publisher, and to be quite honest it is something that is proving to be very fruitful....

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