Segmentation and personalisation for online media


Track, profile and segment your users, personalising the offers they see to drive engagement or subscription revenues.


Define meaningful audience segments

Track users, across domains and devices, to build rich user segments.

Identify the topics that resonate with specific groups and analyse the patterns in your users' behaviour. Use the insights obtained to develop bespoke marketing, personalisation and monetisation strategies, serving the needs of your visitors better while maximising revenue potential.


Personalise content and

Once your segments are defined, automatically target content, advertising and conversion offers to the most relevant visitors.

From ordering content based on user interests and activity to customising subscription offers aligned to behaviour, Evolok gives you the power to adapt and continually improve your engagement and monetisation strategies to maximise conversions and results.


What can you achieve with Evolok's segmentation and personalisation engine?

With Evolok on your site you can automatically enhance your visitors' experience and improve engagement. Segment visitors using a wide variety of metrics and present personalised engagement or conversions offers to enhance your relationship with every visitor type.