Digital subscription platform features

Deploy a complete suite of engagement and monetisation tools to your online content, with minimal engineering.

Leverage your content's appeal with engagement, subscription and monetisation models tailored to specific user segments — all on one platform.

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Identity management

Provide low-friction registration and sign-in processes that create rich user profiles through incremental data capture, social enrichment and behavioural monitoring.

Create a single customer view - across brands, domains, channels and devices - to effectively engage with your audience wherever they are and however they consume your content.

Centralise and secure user data, with your choice of encryption standard, to ensure privacy, compliance and confidence at all times.

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Content access

The Evolok digital subscription platform supports the full spectrum of content gating models, from freemium all the way through to hard wall.

Pick your gating strategy, or strategies, deploy them seamlessly to your site, and trigger them on practically any data point or behaviour.

Craft constructive gating policies that promote membership and reward conversion and enhance the experience for subscribed users.

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Capture information about every visitor, identify attractive segments and personalise every touch point - from advertising to registration and beyond - to optimise the user experience, increase engagement and stickiness, and drive subscriptions.

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Ecommerce & subscription management

Transform your digital subscriptions into a rich revenue stream with a range of monetisation tools and technologies.

The Evolok digital subscription platform takes care of product creation and management, payments and customer services, all from the one interface. Leaving you to focus on creating great content.

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Realise your content’s revenue potential

Find out how Evolok solves your subscription and monetisation challenges.