Identity management for digital businesses

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Knowing your customer is the key to value creation in digital publishing. Get to you know yours better with Evolok's identity management tools.

The Evolok Engagement and Monetisation platform is built on an identity management core that optimises user registration, centralises user data, and powers revenue-driving insights and personalisation.

single sign-on

Streamline registration and sign-in

Build bespoke and visually seamless registration processes, with minimal changes to site code, that lower the barriers to conversion and turn anonymous visitors into known users.

Maintain exceptional customer experience while creating rich user profiles, with incremental data capture and social sign-on. And repeat the fast and frictionless experience each time those users log on.


Connect domains and devices

If you have multiple content brands, different digital properties and users with multiple devices, understanding user behaviour is a big challenge.

With Evolok's identity management engine you can deploy single sign-on, unifying registration and sign-in across your entire estate, minimising effort and frustration for your users and maximising the potential for you.


Stay secure for your users

The protection of personal information is, naturally, of paramount importance to digital publishers, so Evolok's platform is developed to maintain unfailing data security.

Our service-based, extended user interface security model protects your users' data at every step of their journey, whether the information is in transit or at rest.

What can you achieve with Evolok's identity management tools?

Identity management is the launchpad toward deeper, greater engagement with the consumers of your content. The simple creation of a user profile is a turning point beyond which you can begin to profile, understand and optimise for your ideal customer. From informing your content and promotion strategies, to personalising experiences and subscription offers, the possibilities are vast and exciting.