Customer Data Platforms Providing Refined Marketing Opportunities

Keeping in touch with your customers is fundamental for any business. Part of the marketing process has been to maximise the use of customer data, but it can be complicated procedure to effectively analyse data to identify patterns and trends. The complications stem from data being held in different parts of a company's database and can be hard for marketing associate's to gain access to this information.

Creating A Customer Data Platform That Works

With the complexity of creating a full profile of every customer, this makes it difficult for marketers of understanding how best to target their customer base. But with technology evolving so rapidly into the market, it has become much more easier to interact with customers and personalise individual accounts with the use of customer data platforms (CDP).

Through the technology of integrating and matching of customer data, a CDP will collaborate the information for all activities conducted through both online and offline sources, allowing company's to get accurate and essential details through a Single Customer View (SCV) module. The SCV delivers a structured profile of every customers use of your services and products which includes contact information, engagement and purchases.

Why A Customer Data Platform Is So Important

For any data driven company, implementing a CDP provides many benefits such as:

  • Get a better understanding of who your customer is:

By merging different sets of data on to a SCV, the data will be centralised from online and offline channels giving you more in-depth information about a customer.

  • Increased accuracy in decision making processes:

The CDP refines the data about a customer to provide more dependable insights. The SCV uses the cleansed information from the CDP to improves decision making to better target those customers effectively.

  • Ability to adjust to changes and trends in the market instantly:

CDP's allows you to analyse market data rapidly and adjusts to changes making it easier to locate, identify and target customers with real-time analytics and re-strategizing marketing efforts to maintain ROI.

Single Customer View Created With The Help of Customer Data Platforms

It is important to understand that a SCV will be different for various businesses and customers. This technology is not easy to develop or be replicated unless you use a specialist company that develops SVC as a focus point.

Not everyone realises that SCV is not a product so you can not just buy off the shelf, SCV works because a significant amount of data is processed through a CDP which is the brains of the operation that creates the marketing opportunities through its intuitive understanding of analytics and data and all displayed through a SCV.

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