Integrating Customer Data Platforms To Help Companies and Consumers

Companies are now gathering more data than ever before and at a rapid rate, however the data is being mis-managed by interpreting the information poorly. Many of the data points are being gathered such as demographic, behavioural and transactional, yet the data is being stored away in different areas resulting in data becoming overwhelming and impracticable.

Another challenging factor for businesses is the ability to monitor data accurately from pre-site activities or cross platform, direct to conversions.

For example, you have system that sends out emails, but when it comes time to track website actions from click throughs accurately, indirectly or directly, this becomes challenging, causing confusion and contrary views on behaviour. All these factors make single customer view more volatile.

However, for data analysts and marketers, they are constantly asked to give a logical and personalised solution for customers experience across all its platforms and channels. It is important that the data is gathered and stored in a systematical way that enables a united and simple view of their customers.

With the emerging technology of Customer Data Platforms (CPD), it has become a welcome addition to a company's data management approach.

Benefits of Customer Data Platforms

Ability to track customers across all of your platforms, via a comprehensive data layer. When the data is gathered, you can use the data and create personalised profiles that allow them to action notifications through systems such as emails or apps

Allowing data analysts to inspect data thoroughly through a single customer view, by tracking behaviour and understanding their interests and connecting the data to provide a single visual of the customer.

Segmentation simplified: by unifying the customer data which can the used to create a profile and then segmented to increased level of understanding adding value where necessary to be more relevant to the customer.

Deliver on demand with a stronger understanding of customer insight: this will provide analysts to deliver a highly personalised service and improve user experience to help companies and customers simaltaneously.

Customer Data Platforms Imperative For Effective Customer Satisfaction

Customer Data Platforms are have become an important tool for companies around the world for several reasons. CDP's help data analysts and marketers to closely understand their consumer base and allow them to communicate more effectively with them by delivering more personalised content which is more relatable and the data insight from customers actions will become indispensable moving forward.

Being more efficient when communicating with customers, satisfaction is increased by being more relevant with the data and offering relevant offers, content and promotions. Pleasing customers leads to a loyalty and will increase repeat business, additionally, businesses are seen to be more in touch with their customers requirements which is important in the digital era that we are living in.

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