4 Things Business Savvy People Should Know About the Digital Marketing

Based on the information Akamai shared with us at the NetAlliance Advance Partner Briefing in Staines last week, we will look at aspects of importance to an online business raised in Akamai’s State of the Internet Report: mobile, speed, media, security.

The era of Digital Darwinism, where technologies advance faster than business’s ability to adapt, is here. Social channels have already triggered both positive and negative changes in the corporate world.  From corporate social media fiascos and the resultant loss of reputation, to tremendous increases in brand reputation thanks to the social networks we have at our disposal, we have witnessed them all.

So what aspects of your online business should you care about most?

  1. Do you care about site performance and speed?
  2. Is mobile optimisation across different devices a key factor?
  3. Is the online safety of your business keeping you awake at nights?

If your answers to any of the above questions is no, then please bear with us. Here are some important reasons to schedule these questions into the next board meeting.

Engaging Customers Where Possible

How many times have you quit a browsing session because the website took too long to load? Would ASOS be a success if a page took 5 seconds to load?

A slow load time not only results in losing your customers, but also loss of trust and eventually will result in a negative brand reputation.

Push The Boundaries of the Smartphone Industry

However, speed alone is not the sole factor of a successful online business. Akamai’s report shows that the internet access is no longer solely accessed from desktop computers at home or work, but is increasingly something you take with you; it is mobile.

Mobile technologies have brought new challenges in technology, for marketing and advertising sectors of businesses; as content is shaped and adapted to various forms of mobile devices: from smartphones to tablets.. So if the future looks mobile, it also looks more visual: with less text and more video content.

Visual Media

Digital media and the visual aspect was one of the most important aspects outlined by Akamai.

Videos have gained ground in the digital space and it will soon be unusual for a business not to have some sort of video content (introduction, interviews, demo) on their site.

Globally, business Internet video traffic will be 58% of business Internet traffic in 2017, up from 31% in 2012.

Online Security

Akamai’s report highlighted that businesses can’t be complacent about online attacks which can come from anywhere at any time, no matter where your business is based, seriously affecting online business performance.  It is therefore important for businesses to give due consideration to digital security.

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