Mobile Content (Pt.1)

Mobiles. We seem to can’t get enough of them. These days mobiles are essentially as powerful as some small computers, and this has been reflected in the way that some users are using their mobiles when accessing content. So the main question that we ask is, are publishers putting enough of time and effort in their business strategies on mobiles, and if so, what exactly is being done?

This two part blog will aim to highlight and identify any increases on the use of mobile from users and publisher’s perspective, and also identify different examples that publishers have used, in order to maximise the increase usage of mobiles.


Only a week old, Instagram have launched their latest innovation called Instagram TV (IGTV). Instagram launched a new video hub that sits somewhere between YouTube and Snapchat. The concept of IGTV allows video creators to upload vertical videos up to an hour long in length. Beforehand, Instagram capped video length at 60 seconds, so the increase in length is quite substantial.  The concept is very similar to YouTube, where celebrities and social media influencers and sports teams will have their own dedicated “channels” for them to upload vlogs, and content to. However, the feature isn’t just reserved for the elites, once again following the YouTube blueprint, anyone with an Instgram account will be able to upload any videos that they wish.

So How Exactly Are Publishers Making The Most of IGTV?

Despite being only a week old, publishers have identified the potential that IGTV has, and haven’t wasted a beat in utilising the platform to its potential. Publishers such as Bloomberg, BBC, Tastemade, and Vogue US, have all launched innovative videos to try and test the reach and potential that IGTV has.

The most interesting case study out of the publishers stated above however is the BBC’s approach to IGTV. The BBC has 12 separate accounts that are publishing to IGTV globally. The other publishers stated above only have one.  When it comes to viewership however, the BBC’s original in-feed videos get around 1000 views, whereas a video recently uploaded to IGTV on one of the BBC’s accounts amassed a whopping 60,000 views.

The BBC’s strategy is clearly to increase views via increasing media presence, however it’s hard to tell if this is the right strategy due to the fact that IGTV was only released last week.Senior broadcaster at the BBC, Rebecca Donovan, stated that “It’s new and exciting, but we’re also cautious...It’s too early to draw too many comparisons with viewing figures.”

Other Publishers 

Whilst the BBC have taken the most interesting approach that makes for good debates, it’s good to also have a look at how other publishers are making the most of mobile content- in this case IGTV.  As mentioned above, Tastemade led a campaign called “A Taste of London”, where influencers would essentially sample the best dishes from around London.  Vogue U.S. has gone for the more conventional approach, using celebrities to run their “Beauty Secrets campaign”, which is essentially celebrities trying out their own makeup products.



So how does this link in with Evolok? At Evolok we understand the importance of mobile and the potential that it has. Mobile monetisation done correctly is an incredible tool for your business, and this blog was to highlight the increase in mobile usage from a consumer’s point of view.

What you’re seeing from publishers is them reacting and adapting to this increase, and some are doing a very interesting job of it. Of course when it comes to monetisation aspects, Evolok still offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to identity management and monetisation. The good thing is, that our efforts aren’t just limited and restricted to desktop; mobiles and tablets are all accessible when it comes to identity management.

Mobile publishing is becoming more and more important in these times, keep an eye out for our next blog on Tuesday 10thJuly to read our part 2 on mobile content and its importance for a monetisation strategy, or if what you’ve read has peaked your interest, don’t hesitate to get into contact for a demo.

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