Allowing Users To Register And Subscribe With Google

Media publishing has become an integral part of society there's no doubt. The publishing market is constantly updating its process to adjust to changing business models. As we notice the rise in the implementation of subscription and paywall technology, publishers require a management system to handle single-sign on process that lures customers into willingly pay for content and manage their accounts. Google have now stepped into help publishers and introduced Subscribe With Google.

What Exactly Is Subscribe With Google

Subscribe With Google (SwG) is a subscription and registration service merged together. Publishers who are part of the SwG service give their users the choice of subscribing and registering to their services using their Google account.  SwG can save companies time and money by not having to handle registrations themselves and third party payment services and just use Googles SwG platform instead who have the technology in place.

Cutting costs is important but restricting customers to one option can be detrimental. Offering SwG to users as well as other third party payment services and registration process offers choice and does not force customers into creating a Google account just to use your services. Investing in your business properly and analysing various factors, adding SwG to your current methods can impact your business positively giving customers freedom to choose and speed up the registration process.

How Customers and Publishers Benefit From Adding Subscribe With Google

Here are some great reasons to add Subscribe With Google as method of registration and payments:

  • A simplified subscription process
  • Saves user time by not having to re-enter their details again
  • As long as users have a Google account there is no reason to set up any additional passwords as Google handles the verification process
  • User can access your publications through their Google News feed
  • Users will no longer have to keep re-entering card details as payments can be processed using payment methods register on their Google accounts
  • Users can manage all their subscription in one place giving a simplified view and easier to manage
  • As long as users are logged in to their Google account, users can access content on various devices such as laptops, pc's and smartphones
  • Google prioritises subscribed content when users do a search of news and articles and displays your content ahead of other news sources on Googles News feed.

Subscribe with Google Integration With Evolok

Adding Subscribe With Google is a great addition for any publisher and is an optional piece of software that Evolok can integrate with your systems. Publishers can have this feature installed from the get go or later on should your business decide to change its process. We have integrated SwG from companies globally and publishing have seen an increase in subscriptions with this simple and quick option.

If you would like more information about adding Subscribe With Google to your platform, then get in touch with Evolok and we will help elevate your business to the next level inline with global changes to the market.

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