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El Correo: One of Spain’s leading publications chooses Evolok’s platform to monetize content across portfolio of brands

Vocento is a leading multimedia group in Spain, thanks to its portfolio of high profile brands including ABC, which have a major presence in all areas of information and entertainment, including the press, supplements, magazines and television. With millions of users Vocento were exploring new ways to innovate and gain value from existing content. They wanted to leverage competitive advantage and monetise content across their brand portfolio.

They needed a technology partner with a solution that allowed flexibility in their approach so they could innovate and optimise their platform as required in the future.

The Objective

Vocento wanted to introduce a soft-metered wall so as to not impact their advertising revenue or affect a large proportion of their users. Dealing with a premature market where companies are still testing the waters with paywalls, the aim for Vocento was to initially start with one publication to target a small segment of readers.

The Solution

With support from Evolok, Vocento were able to launch a soft wall and provide metered access to users on one of their publications. Evolok also integrated with Gigya’s Identity solution allowing single and social sign on, in order to provide a seamless experience for users to access content.

In order to install the technology into Vocento’s platform, once the Gigya integration was completed initial discovery workshops were held with Evolok and Vocenta. Evolok capability was delivered quickly allowing Vocento to continue their platform roll out over a phased approach. The initial metered pay wall was delivered to the El Correo site with roll out to other titles to follow.


As a result Vocento have successfully developed a pay wall solution that helped trigger an additional revenue model. Vocento is one of the first Spanish media companies to monetize online content across their news platform. The company is among Avant-garde organisations that have started using online subscriptions, a method fast becoming a new business model for publishers across Europe and the US.

“We wanted a solution that would allow us to quickly monetize our content through our existing platform and integrate with our identity partner”, said the Deputy Director of Systems and Technology at Vocento, Juan Maria San Félix. “With Evolok’s Access Director platform we’ve been able to implement a robust and very flexible subscription layer. The experience of working with the Evolok team was faultless and they provided support on a number of matters broadening our awareness in the monetization space.”


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