The Growth of Content Monetisation In A Digital Generation

Online digital content has become the most absorbed commodities and is one of the most valuable assets in an online world. Creating great content sometimes comes at a price so how do content creators value their work that is fair to their readers and still maintain a sustainable business?

Readers have become more aware that whatever device and platform they are using there is a cost to creators. A fee may be passed off to continue delivering great content on their favourite sites but sometimes there are threats to this model which can be seen as a positive move.

Metrics Development and Understanding Consumers Concerns

Many consumers use adblockers, this should not always be seen as a negative and that readers trying to get content for free, but it should be used as an indication to publishers that there is something they are not doing correctly and affecting the customer's experience.

Content creators are capitalising on data from adblockers to improve their own content and layout and overcome this issue. Rather than focusing all efforts on monetisation, publishers know they have to improve the customer journey and give the reader what they want rather than what the publishers want to throw in consumers faces.

The direction that publishers have taken over the years with so much data and metrics to hand has given content monetisation industry an even more promising prospect. Now there is a clearer understanding between publishers and consumers for how much content will cost and various different packages giving flexibility in its approach.

A subscription model of monetising content makes content look more exclusive, consumers can control their personal information much easier and they can give any feedback if they are not happy with something and the publisher can tailor the service to their needs. Publishers know the importance of readers having choices and this will impact well for advertisers and gives publishers a sustainable platform to continue effectively and grow a business.

Focus on Clarity and Options

Publishers have got smarter by incorporating technology that can detect if a visitor is using an adblocker and can still combat this by asking consumers to carry on using the site to subscribers. The technology knows consumers are using an ad blocker and the alert means that publishers will not lose out revenue for people trying to access content for free. The publishers content monetisation growth will continue as long as technology can detect ad blockers.

Many consumers may feel annoyed that the publisher has detected the use of an ad blocker and blocking content access, but this is where the opportunity arises to make the reader a paying customer. Engaging customers into a truthful discussion and being upfront about the value of their work and being clear on what they get for subscribing may actually make them paying subscribers and more publishers are using this approach to generate revenue for the company.

Quality of Ad’s, Mobile Accessibility and Viability

Consumers tend to install ad blockers because of the annoyance they feel when the customer journey and experience is not great on a publisher’s site. The natural course for an advertiser is to address issues more effectively by having less invasive adverts or by only showing ads when they deserve to be shown and not shoved in readers faces instantly.

Another area of improvement and opportunity has come from mobile devices. Publishers who make their website content available on smaller screen and functions well when navigating makes the customer experience a great one. Once the navigation and layout are set up then publishers can strategically place ad’s that are not intrusive and monetise content effectively.

With the increase of visitors to content creators site coming from mobile devices, it has been imperative to generate revenue from people accessing from smartphones. With smartphones being so cheap now the possibilities have become endless and that is why content monetisation has been growing on a yearly basis.

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