Tips for enhancing your registration procedure to boost conversion rates

Any subscription business's ultimate objective is to boost conversion rates and lower churn. That is, however, easier said than done. Reaching target prospects, turning them into committed subscribers, and keeping them as regular customers may all be difficult, but there are steps you can take to improve your success rate.

Having an optimised registration process is one of such methods. Customers in today's market have shorter attention spans than ever before. People today have an attention span of 8 seconds, according to a Microsoft research on consumer behaviour. A significant reduction from the earlier data from 2000, when the average attention span was 12 seconds. Therefore, if your aim is to convert prospects, you must act quickly and provide a seamless, easy experience. We'll go through the best practice guidelines for improving your sign-up process in general below to draw in more visitors and increase conversions.


Tips to improve your sign-up process

Reduce the number of fields



According to studies a form's conversion rate increases by 87 percent when the number of fields is reduced. The longer it takes for the subscriber to complete the form, the more discouraged they become.  Include just the fields that are absolutely necessary to finish the transaction. Your bounce rate will be reduced, you'll have fewer abandoned carts, and you'll convert more customers if your sign-up forms are relevant and brief. 


Include live chat on your website


Customers are frequently confused by products and their features. Real-time customer support lets buyers make judgments more quickly. This is especially true when speaking with a live chat.

Customers want to be heard, and live chat precisely provides that. Making customers pleased by quickly finding solutions and tailoring them has a beneficial impact on their purchasing decisions. Live chat tools are easy to implement and instantly improve your conversion rate. 


Allow social logins

Social login is the most user-friendly method of registering. The time it takes to register and log in has decreased from one minute to one second. This would have an impact on your sign-up conversion rate. With this technique, customers just need to manage one less password because it makes use of their social network accounts. Social logins also aid in the collection of superior, far more accurate data, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and locations, all of which have previously undergone verification thus reducing failed logins. 


Offer Tiered Pricing Plans 


Your subscribers have a range of demands according to their needs and budget. By offering a price strategy that works for any budget will increase the conversion rate. Additionally, by providing a basic plan, you lower the entrance barrier for customers and allow them freedom to upgrade to premium plans, which opens up the possibility of upselling.


Free Trial



Offering free trials is one of the greatest and most efficient strategies to convert customers. Subscribers want to see firsthand what they will eventually pay for and commit to by walking through the product or service you are delivering. Simply said, it is far more practical for someone to sign up for something because it is free then determine afterwards if it is worthwhile. Putting the freemium pricing approach into practice will undoubtedly help you increase your conversion rates dramatically and collect a tonne of crucial leads and data. 


Mobile first approach



Even if PC users accounted for the majority of website traffic.  In recent years, the percentage of smartphone users has surpassed that of desktop users, adding a new level of complexity for designers who must now create forms with a mobile-first approach. It has its own unique set of problems with conceptualising a signup process for a smaller screen.

When it comes to forms, speed is also essential in UX. Users do not want to write lengthy passwords or feel like starting over, especially when it is more difficult to do so on mobile devices.


Be creative with sign-up CTAs



Your CTA button is one of the most important elements of your sign-up forms. It needs to grab the customer's interest and inspire them to perform the action. Select a vivid colour contrast from the form's backdrop colour.

When crafting a copy of your sign-up button, be sure it has a clear value proposition. using buttons that say "Book a free demo" or "start your free trial" rather than merely "sign up" or "download” so that the consumer is informed of the benefits of signing up. 

It’s time to put all this knowledge to good use and start increasing your web form conversions today. You have all it takes to master web form lead generation!

Let’s get converting!


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