The Impact of Magazine Paywall Subscriptions On Marketing

Paywalls help monetise online content with magazines and newspaper subscriptions, for all the hard work put into content and marketing it's only fair to be rewarded for this valuable work. So what’s good about paywalls and how does it help publishers grow? With the advent of online platforms and digital media, magazines were supposed to die but it's rather opposite. Magazines are booming than ever and have achieved greater influence worldwide. With online magazines over powering print, paywall subscriptions are a newfound strategy. 

How Magazine Paywalls Increase Subscriptions and Sales

Magazine paywalls are a great way to increase sales and using various tactics helps to attract paying customers. One is where you subscribe and fill your details upon entering a landing page, the other is a brief introduction to a piece of content in the magazine with a block on the rest of the article where people are given the option to subscribe if they want to read the rest of the article and the rest of the sites content. Which works the best? In the latter case, the interest of the reader is high as they have read a snippet and this increases the chances of customers becoming a paid subscriber. Traditionally magazines have relied on offline subscriptions for their revenues and paywalls through the internet offer the same subscriptions but with an enormous global scope. 

Types of Magazine Paywalls and Their Impact

There are commonly 3 types of paywalls -  

  • Hard Paywalls for Magazines 

Hard paywalls gives its users limited access to content, maybe a few introductory paragraphs as discussed earlier which prompts the users to subscribe for further access to the content. It is a risk that not all publishers can take as it also means losing advertisement revenue. But if you are into a niche where you have a following and dedicated readers this paywall model can help you increase revenue.

  • Metered Access Paywall for Magazines

With a metered access paywall subscription this allows a fixed number articles to be read for free before being prompted to subscribe. This is the most used subscription model as it allows you to develop a following and provide them with a taste of your content. This is a particularly great strategy if you are looking for the global expansion of your magazine.

  • Freemium Paywall for Magazines

If you are magazine is new in the market and want to venture into this highly competitive space dominated by big international companies, try opting for a niche in a small market with a freemium paywall that asks the users only for their email. This will help you gather more users and collect data for future expansion when you can take a step up to a metered paywall.

Magazine Paywalls Positively Impacting Publishers Revenue Stream With Evolok

Evolok work with some of the biggest publishers in the world and have adopted a process of analysing current data from our partners to recommend the best type of paywall suited to their needs. With our technology, companies have seen a huge increase in customers and revenue based on our ability to create strategic paywalls that doesn't overwhelm their customer base.

If you are magazine publication interested in getting a paywall implemented or have any questions about how our solution can help your business, then get in touch via our contact forms or by calling us and one of the members of our team will guide you towards taking the next step. 

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