Social Sign-In Advantages

Social Sign-In, also known as Social Login, is essentially a single sign on, in which consumers use login information from social networking sites in order to login to a third party website. Social Logins are essentially designed to make the login process easier for users, and of course to increase the conversion rate for registrations. It simplifies it in a way that the users don’t have the task of creating a new username and password and then remembering it.

You may be reading this and thinking, well that’s a bit pointless, it seems a bit inconspicuous, and however your consumers may be suffering from password fatigue. This blog will in turn identify the characteristics of social sign in, and whether it will be a good fit for your users.


Password Fatigue

Password fatigue isn’t just a made up term, it’s legitimately enough of an annoyance that can actually reduce the user experience of your users. It’s worth noting that password fatigue isn’t just limited to being online, we have to remember a lot of small combinations, ranging from bike locks, ATMs, phone passcodes, even gym lockers. So if you couple all of these with another username and passcode that your users have to create and remember, especially when security experts are warning us to routinely change passwords to increase online security, password fatigue definitely becomes a legitimate source of unnecessary stress.


Why Use Social Login?

A lot of users will get tired if they don’t remember their passwords, and instead of going through the effort of resetting their passwords, they’ll simply give up and go and get their content elsewhere. In some cases however users will actually falsify information when creating a new account, just in order to gain access again, and this will in turn ruin all marketing efforts from a business’ behalf.

The reason behind this is; they’ll be sent ads and offers which aren’t tailored for them, but for the fake email that they created. This will ultimately ruin their user experience, as the content that’s being pushed to them isn’t tailored for them, but for the fake profile that they created.


Advantages of Social Login

The obvious advantages that stand out the minute you begin social login are as follows

  • Easy quick logins equates to more registrations
  • Less likely to have fake emails to penetrate sign ups
  • More accurate ad targeting
  • Permission based contacts can be accessed

However, with that being said, the most stand out benefit to implement Social Sign In are the personalised online experiences.


Personalised Online Experiences

According to econsultancy, 74% of businesses believe that user experience will in turn equate to improved sale conversions. This makes sense when you think about it, a user is less likely to part with their hard earned cash if they’re not enjoying a seamless, satisfying experience on your website. This conversion increases even more, when users have websites that are personally tailored to them and their needs.

Social Sign-In enables personalisation to occur, due to the fact that most people will only have one account on social media sites as mentioned before. Therefore less fake email address will infiltrate your marketing efforts, and you can personalise accordingly. To understand the importance of personalisation and customer segmentation, have a look at previous blog written on the topic.

So what have we learned? Social Sign-In will enable your users to navigate freely around your websites, without the added stress of remembering what their login details are. Believe it or not, but in a web space obsessed by speed and quick navigation, this goes a long way to gathering registrations and in turn sales.

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