QR Code for Publishers

QR code integration in the magazine and print newspaper business is a new technique for print media to keep up with the contemporary and stylish world we live in!

The younger generation who grew up with technology may find the traditional print medium to be less appealing. Thus eclipsing the print medium in recent years as a result of new digital advances. The print sector is battling to reclaim its place in the spotlight.

Publishers are embracing new contemporary technology to connect and engage with users, such as introducing and integrating Magazines and print media with QR Codes.


What is a QR Code?

QR is an acronym for "Quick Response". 

While QR codes appear to be simple, they are capable of holding a lot of information. However, regardless of how much information they include, when scanned, the QR code should allow the user to access information immediately - hence the name.

A QR code is a sort of barcode that encodes information as a sequence of pixels in a square-shaped grid and can be read simply by a digital device. QR codes are widely used to monitor information about items in a supply chain, and they are frequently used in marketing and advertising efforts since many smartphones have built-in QR scanners. More recently, they've been essential in tracing coronavirus exposure and slowing its spread.


QR code for publishing 



Increasing reader engagement

Do you plan to cover a story, conduct an interview, write a review, or share recipes? By including QR Codes into your website, you are laying the groundwork for trust by engaging users across several platforms and strengthening your authority through direct, trustworthy sources. Use a Dynamic URL QR Code to link to any target URL, an MP3 QR Code for an audio version of any interview, or a Video QR Code to provide visual instructions on recipes or DIY projects to encourage readers to return. You may increase reader awareness of your material while motivating change, innovation, and brand loyalty with a simple scan. 



Connect readers to the sources

So you put the author's name at the top or bottom of the article. Readers now know who the author is, which is fantastic. And? What's next? QR codes are your link between print and digital, so make the most of them. Add a Social Media QR Code next to the writer's name and link it to their social media platforms to make it easy for others to find additional material about them. Alternatively, if publishers wish to contact a writer directly about a prospective new piece, they can use the QR Code to directly connect with them. 



Make shopping more enjoyable

By using various QR Code kinds to connect readers directly to advertised items from your magazine, you may invite them into a world of inclusive and well-directed purchase. Collaborate with vlogers and influencers to provide consumers with first-hand evaluations via QR Codes on featured goods so they can make informed purchasing decisions. QR codes reduce the need for long and monotonous product information. Furthermore, advertisers are in a better position to focus on virtual content.



Using a dynamic QR code, you may track the performance of your campaign

Dynamic QR codes allow you to build up a system to track the success or failure of your advertising strategies that use QR codes. The input you get this way may be really useful, especially when it comes to adapting your marketing plan to the changing and competitive industry. 

Furthermore, even after your dynamic QR code has been printed, you may alter the text behind it and redirect it to a different landing page! As a result, you'll save a lot of money on printing costs in the long run! 


QR code based trial subscription as an innovative approach

QR code is a very effective way to entice new customers to the news or magazine platform for people who are on the go or commuting. For example people in the back seat of the taxi or those waiting for hours in the airport, can be given the access for a limited time via the QR code. This way publishers entice readers with a portion of news and later can reach out those same users to subscribe or further engage. Another great example is hotels buying subscriptions to news outlets and offering readers time controlled access to news via QR codes. The opportunities for publishers are endless if implemented correctly. 


To sum it all up this is a technology which really can drive customer engagement and revenue for your publishing business. To know more about this technology and to incorporate this technology in your publishing business contact us to book a demo today. 

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