Online Digital Magazines & Newspapers To Combat Declining Print Sales

Digital newspapers and magazines are publications that are available online and available for readers to access with an internet connection. Digital print offer a fantastic way for readers to have choice whether to read online print versions of your publication or copies bought at a store. Furthermore, reducing store print copies help the environment with less deforestation and minimises the distribution process. Creating digital newspapers and magazines give publishers increased opportunities to make content more interactive and fascinating content.

Why Digital Print Publications Create A Positive Impact

Digital Print The Preferred Choice of Readers

One of the biggest benefits of digital publications is that publishers no longer need to compete with print copies. Studies have shown that readers prefer to opt for digital versions of a publication rather than physical copies. Furthermore, digital print articles and stories can be updated at anytime whereas print publications can't update until the next publication is printed.

Transitioning from Print To Digital With Software Applications

With the digital market on the rise, there are a high number of software and apps developed to simplify the process for publishers. Software such as page flipping is an example of making digital publishing easier. Page flip allows you to convert PDF's, images and flash files into 3D pages that flip just like they would in real life print magazine or newspaper when turning pages to keep the effect.

Easier To Share Content Creating Opportunities To Attract New Readers

Having a digital newspaper or magazine allows for articles and stories to be shared around the internet on social media site and mobile messaging devices such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Sharing content drives traffic to your digital publication increasing the chance of gaining more reader and increasing monetisation opportunities.

When developing a digital print it is simple to change the number of pages while leaving the layout and format of the publication as is. This is not possible with a print copy.

Deliver Content In Greater Detail

Publishers can go even deeper than just writing content and adding an image. With digital print you can include multiple images, flash technology and video content which will help drive readers with more engaging content.

Digital Print Creating A Cost and Time Efficient Solution

There are many advantages for digital print publications when it comes to cost and time.

  • Digital print is less expensive because there is no costs for distribution and printing.
  • There is no waste and losses as you would get with print copies.
  • As these publications are distributed on the internet, readers can receive digital magazines and newspapers instantly. This is a much faster distribution of content.
  • The digital print copies are available on readers mobiles creating an added convenience level. Readers will always have information available to them wherever they are.

Content and Advertising Benefits Changing to Digital Print

Geographic boundaries are dismissed with the introduction of digital print newspapers and magazines, and this is non-trivial because managing readers from other territories around the world are especially challenging to do with print editions.

Furthermore, digital publications assure that there is a progression in when readers are getting their content. Beyond that, digital print helps with promotion by allowing advertisers the analytics of the amount of clicks readers had on different advertisements.

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