Evolok Announces TPP - World Class Data Segmentation Engine

Evolok have launched their long awaited 'Track Profile and Personalise (TPP) Engine'. The features of this new addition will provide a game changer for digital businesses.

Organisations can now track their users in real-time from their first interaction with their digital brand, building up a unique profile that can power your single customer view and drive the customer journey forward. This new capability improves the already world class content monetisation capabilities that evolok provides to enable a complete and fully featured engagement solution in the cloud.

Using all aspects of available data such as content consumed, behaviour, device, subscriptions and activity you can create segments that can be used to target content or offers, drive advertising, or create a dynamic paywall experience, all in real-time.

Organisations can analyse their customer data to identify meaningful segments that link to key personas that are important to the business and then use these to maximise interaction opportunities. Integration with external sources such as CRM or DMP platforms is also simple so there is no limit to what data can be acquired and the sources it can connect with. The advantage of TPP is that it can be used for any type of call to action and therefore allows businesses to be truly creative with targeted personalisation. Once segment and targeting strategies are in place these can be monitored and insight provided on the effectiveness of their use, allowing organisations to optimise and adjust to maximise the value.

With a complete web based interface, organisations can pick data dimensions, analyse the raw data, see existing data trends against segments and view the effects of segments against key KPI's. This functionality amongst other evolok capabilities in the cloud, results in a world class platform that can scale to the needs of small or large enterprises supporting high throughput sites and providing a mechanism to deliver true real-time personalisation.

This is a must have addition to any digital strategy that needs to increase conversions, improve stickiness or provide a tailored experience to their users.


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