Making The Most of Social Media For Your Business

Social media is an ever growing platform that can help to boost your business- if it is used right. There are many misconceptions in the world of business about how to use social media so here are a few tips to keep your business on the right track.

Tips To Maximise Your Audience

Although it is great to get your name and brand out there, try not to overuse it. Many business owners feel they need to have a presence on every possible social media outlet to maximise their use of social media but this is not necessarily true. Research the various platforms, considering each one against your target customers and their benefits. Take a clothing business as an example- having an Instagram account to promote different items would be a great idea however, an accountancy firm is unlikely to benefit from this type of site. So, be sure to target the platforms that are relatable to your business and speak to your potential target customers.

Consistency of Regular Posting On Social Platforms

Another point to consider is the frequency of posts; bombarding your audience with hourly posts is probably the wrong way to go. They will soon become fed-up with this spamming of social media and ‘unfollow’ or ‘unlike’. A better idea may be to plan different content on different platforms depending on the platform and the audience. Whereas people on Facebook or Instagram may not want to be inundated with posts from your business, those on Twitter may be more open to regular posts throughout each day.

A point to remember as your social media pages become increasingly popular is keep an eye on the numbers. That does not mean how many ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ your pages have but rather the analytics behind it. Most websites have tools that allow you to track engagement metrics so check these regularly to see what you are doing right or wrong. It could be what you are posting or when you are posting it but you will soon see what works for your business profile.

Investing Time and Money Into Your Social Media Campaigns

Finally, you need to shake the idea that social media is a free way to massively boost business. Although the majority of accounts are free to set-up, to make them work for you will require some investment. You need to invest time but also, social media sites need to make money too so it is likely that you will need to make some financial investment too. Platforms have ways of boosting audiences for your posts but it comes at a cost! Keep in mind that growth usually requires investment on your part!

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