Johnston Press Debuts Metered Registration On Newspaper Websites

Leading regional paper, Johnston Press is upping their identity management efforts by launching metered registration. Users will have to register their details in order to gain full access to content that’s uploaded.


For the time being, Johnston Press are not launching a paywall, so users won’t have to part with any of their money, however the same concept still applies as if there was a paywall installed. The registration system will activate once a certain number of articles have been consumed by a reader, and will not allow them to access anymore until they’ve registered and subscribed. Once that’s done however, readers will be able to continue accessing content just like beforehand.


Initially, the metered registration system will begin on three newspaper platforms. Martin Little, the publisher’s director of digital content, said: “As part of our digital content improvement strategy, we have recently piloted a metered registration system with Sunderland Echo, the Derbyshire Times and Doncaster Free Press. “This process continues to allow our readers completely free access to our news sites and activates only after a certain number of articles have been read. “This will enable us to develop our websites and the overall customer experience, by offering relevant, improved content to our most engaged readers.”


Johnston Press is then in turn focussing on increasing the knowledge they have on their readers, and ultimately identifying what content is consumed the most. With this information in hand, they’re able to further enhance the experience of their readers, by offering them relevant content and articles on topics that readers have previously accessed.

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Find out more about Johnston Press by accessing their homepage here

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