How Does Cloud Based Identity Access Management Help Your Business

Times have changed in recent years where technological advancements have taken place to revolutionise identity access management platforms. Focus has been placed on developing and innovating cloud-based identity management services to work towards authorisation and verification to the cloud.

What Is Cloud Identity Access Management?

Cloud identity access management is solution that allows you to centrally manage users and groups who can access cloud resources and has transformed from being just a solution for a single sign on application. You can also use cloud identity to manage your users, apps, and devices from a central location.

There has been more of a shift from a traditional identity access management system to a more comprehensive identity provider to the cloud. Identity as a Service (IDaaS) – is the contemporary variation of the outmoded on-premise solutions. The development of IDaaS has been adapted to use across any operating system, devices and web applications whether its for on-premise systems or in the cloud.

Nowadays, solutions for cloud-based identity management systems have turned their attention on being compliant and adaptable to allow practically any IT software to connect in their innate verification language.

Why Do We Need Identity Management in The First Place?

Identity and access management technology can be used to initiate, capture, record, and manage user identities and their access permissions. All users are authenticated, authorised, and evaluated according to policies and roles.

Poorly controlled Identity access management processes may lead to regulatory non-compliance; if the organisation is audited, management may not be able to prove that company data is not at risk of being misused.

What’s Included in A Cloud Access Identity Management Platform?

Cloud access identity management includes –

  • Single Access Control Interface – Provides a fresh and reliable access control interface that will work with all cloud platforms and services including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services which are two of the most popular cloud providers.
  • Greater Security Facilities – You can determine the security level for different features regarding perilous applications within your business
  • Resource-level Access Control – Set roles and grant authorisations to users to access resources at different levels and stages.
  • Remote Access - Manage Windows, Linux, and Mac desktops, laptops, and servers regardless of location

How Can Your Company Benefit from Cloud Identity Management?

Implementing a cloud identity management platform has many benefits that can be crucial to your business such as the following –

  • The capability to spend a lesser amount of on security by relying on the centralised model to deal with identity management across third-party and its own applications.
  • It enables your users to work from any location and any device.
  • You can give them access to all your applications using just one set of credentials through single sign-on.
  • You can protect your sensitive data and apps: Add extra layers of security to your mission-critical apps using Multi-factor Authentication.

Evolok As Your Cloud Identity Management Solution

Evolok can authenticate your users with any identity provider running on any stack, any device or cloud. It provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, social login, and several more features.

  • Visibility into users' activity means better, faster decision-making. Evolok gives you access to powerful reporting & analytics so you can easily see what’s going on.
  • Simplify registrations and logins for end users allowing them to use existing login information from their favourite social network provider.
  • Want to provide enhanced security to your critical applications? With Evolok you can enable multi-factor authentication in minutes.

Contact Evolok today and find out more about our cloud-based identity management software that will help your business deliver more to your customers.

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