The Future of Those Who are Brave Enough to Digitally Evolve

"And if any dinosaurs bury their heads in the sand over digitisation, they should be put permanently out to pasture."

Steve Earl, Managing Director at Speed Communications said in an interview he gave to NMK back in 2010.

Now, fast-forward three years and the principle is the same.

We see this everywhere: in the publishing world, newspapers adopt paywall strategies which suit their particular audience and increase their ROI, in the PR industry practitioners upgrade their skills and become more digital savvy, broadcasters adapt various monetisation strategies in order to increase revenue and social interactions on their channels and in the business world companies strive to adapt the latest digital developments so as to speak the same digital language as their customers.

The era of digital darwinism, when technology and consumer behaviour evolve faster than organizations’ ability to adapt, is definitely here. Most importantly, however is that there are various entities out there ready to transform these challenges into opportunities.

Evolok - Innovation in Content ValueBritish Media Awards have already published a list of the UK’s most digitally innovative and successful companies in fields such as publishing, advertising, monetisation and strategy.

The good news is that Evolok has been nominated for the Media Technology product of the year.

The winners of each category will be revealed on the 2nd of May 2013.

In essence, no matter what your field – IT, publishing, digital media, PR – only through evolution can you stay at the top.

As digital media strategist Brian Solis once said, the future belongs to those who adapt.


Ana-Maria Leonte - Marketing Executive 

 Ana-Maria Leonte

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