A Dynamic Paywall Making Your Subscription Platform More Flexible

Online publishers are always searching for more flexible ways to deliver content for their users. One important feature of this pathway is dynamic paywalls. A dynamic paywall gives you a more in-depth understanding about a user and having the ability to make paywalls adjustable to a specific individual or group. The purpose of the dynamic paywall is to determine how likely or unlikely a new user will subscribe to your platform based on their activity and altering paywall prompts accordingly and effectively to increase the chances of conversions.

Users get a grading based on a number of factors, such as what operating system the reader is using, if the user is a first time visitor, if the user is using a tablet, mobile or desktop, what the users journey was and what they clicked on and if you wanted to delve further you can break it down to location, gender and age group and this is just the some of the factors you can set.

Dynamic paywalls can be enforced on new, anonymous visitors, people using ad blocker technology or they can be applied to registered users then be asked to become paid members.

Working Out The Benchmark For Setting Up A Dynamic Paywall

The question is what is the maximum limit you should set for a dynamic paywall meter? Should the same limits be applied to all readers? Most publications are not clear on how to set this and will need to experiment and adjust the paywall as you go along so that various tests can be conducted to see the different outcomes.

Sometimes this can be very difficult to apply if you are new to the market of implementing dynamic paywalls and may take a while so patience is key.

A key feature using dynamic paywalls is that the technology is available that allows publishers to easily apply content limits to a user and also change these content parameters as and when you need to so it fits the needs of your business.

Understanding A Dynamic Paywall In A Working Environment

To get a better understanding of how a dynamic paywall would work, consider the following case for one of our clients. Through our work with a national media publication in the UK, we discovered that readers who are interested in political content will opt in to become a subscriber more swiftly than a reader who prefers sports content.

If it takes fewer content interactions to convert a user interested in political content into a subscriber, then the limit of the dynamic content paywall prompted to that user should be lower than the one prompted to a user interested in sports related content, since the latter takes more content interactions before they will convert into a subscriber.

Find A Balance To Gain and Retain Subscribers

While dynamic paywalls and offers can significantly increase conversions, the trial and testing process may take some adjusting but the results will show based on level of subscriber retention, and audience loyalty. The focus should always lie in how to effectively gain subscriptions at the right paywall point without taking a knock on effect on future audience expansion.

Implement Evolok's Dynamic Paywall Solution and Avoid Losing Out On Revenue

With Evolok's innovative technology, monetise your users with an efficient and effective dynamic paywall that will drive engagement with personalised offers.

  • Personalise dynamic paywalls to increase subscriptions through various methods of content production
  • Target specific sections, content, url, or pages containing specific elements
  • Better know your users and engage with your audience
  • Real-time decision making process based on user engagement and behaviour

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