Email Campaigns. How To Run A Successful Operation.


After our recent blog on email marketing campaigns and the frequency as to which you should send emails, we decided to delve a bit deeper into what makes a successful email marketing campaign -content wise-.


How To Run a Successful Campaign


This is the main question that we’re here for. We’ve previously spoken about running field tests that look at frequency and seeing which styles and methods reap higher engagements and clicks with your readers. This in turn eradicates the stab in the dark processes with your email campaigns, and in turn you’ll be able to choose which campaign style works best for you and your consumers.


At Evolok, personalisation and segmentation are key components of our email marketing strategy. We have the ability to offer real time personalisation, and segmentation to anonymous users on our websites, and we’re also able to do this with our email campaigns. The ability to send our targeted emails through segmentation and personalisation is a strategy that when executed properly, can pay prove to be extremely fruitful. Whilst the content of these emails will largely be similar from user to user, the personalisation will more likely occur in the difference of how these messages are construed, and the type of offers that they’re sent. To read more about segmentation and personalisation, click here


We stress the utmost important on the personalisation aspect. The fact that if feels as if someone has taken the time to take an interest in what your likes and interests are, then this will automatically build a rapport between the sender and the reader. If an email is tailored for a reader, and they receive a personalised offer, they’ll be more inclined click on it and purchase something, as opposed to a generic email that’s sent across the board.


-Subscribers Have The Final Say


By giving your readers the ultimate say in regards to email frequency and whether they actually want to be contacted or not, then this will give them a larger sense of freedom. Remember, we aren’t trying to bombard and alienate our consumers; we want them to trust us and build a relationship with them. We want them to let us market to them. Now you’ll probably be reading this and think about not maximising the true potential of email, but by doing things this way, whilst it’s true you ma not reach your audiences as much as you’d like to be, but they will only be receiving content that they absolutely want, which means they’ll value your emails and respect your brand more.



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