Content Marketing Trends to Keep An Eye On for 2019

The evolution of marketing never stops. New software, more innovative technology and new trends are always on the horizon with new scope from marketing analysts adding extra ideas to old tactics and expanding on them setting the standard even higher to please audiences by feeding their appetite for fresh new content.

With many changes and adaptations that have gone on over the years, one thing we know is that content marketing is always going to be here. Statistics show that the content monetisation industry will be worth over £350 billion pounds by 2021.

As content marketing continues to mature and grow here are some trends to look out for in 2019 as the market finds new ways to attract more eye balls.

Marketing of Content Will Always Be A Thing

In the centre of all the chaos, we tend to forget how content marketing is still a remarkably new and a growing sector. In recent years, content marketers have managed content as an extra project. It was mainly done as an additional feature rather than something that was essential, we took it for granted and focused on it when you could find the time because a lot of the attention was focused on other marketing projects and responsibilities.

Times have now changed, now, how you used do your traditional marketing previously used to be moved to the side and having a one-sided conversation directed to consumers, popular and successful companies understand that a strong content marketing campaign unlocks the potential for two way discussion and the ability to build relationships increases between your company and your audience and reaches a new level.

Content marketing has become king over everything because it has become a more beneficial function and necessity for all marketing teams now. Content that is accurate, eye-catching and intriguing is one of the best ways to attract an audience and is one of the best tools to earn peoples trusts if done correctly and truthfully. Great content will always help building a strong brand which in turn drives traffic to your website and conversions will increase whether it is from ad placements, sign ups or paywalls.

Strategy Will Become A Necessity Not A Choice

As content marketing grows, businesses will start to see their content less as general answer and more of an instrument to accomplish their targets. Content is a strong arsenal to have if utilised properly, but it will not fix everyone of your company’s targets. Your company needs deploy a strong tactical approach to increase the success of your targets and secure visitor segmentation

Various companies will have different targets, so using the same approach for each content marketing campaign will not have the same success each time. General targets such as search engine optimisation, generating leads and managing campaigns will still be a common function but this is the starting point for companies to re-think ideas and strategies as the campaign progresses. With sales always evolving, content is now a key focus in attracting new custom.

Customer Success Will Become The New Ultimate Target

Content marketing already covers a various amount of needs and aims for different areas of the business. Sales departments use content to strengthen their pitches and reinforces strong relationships with clients. People who manage the brand use content to make external sources understand the business and apply authority to what your business can do. Recruitment departments have to also create great eye-catching content so they can attract the best talent so extra consideration needs to be given when publishing content online.

Customer success measures the ways business helps consumers get the most value from products and services. In this day and age of customisation, it’s no good just getting just a sale, moving on to the next sale and handling complaints, customer success goes beyond this. Now, businesses need consumers to get best value from their acquisitions and to encourage word of mouth marketing and create strong relationships.

The Marketing Pipeline Will Redesign The Future

The marketing pipeline as we know it consents just about everyone, screens them through a prerequisite process, then divides them up in the final stages without much of a goodbye. A lot of businesses see consumers as guards to wallets, meanwhile, consumers feel shaded most of the time and disrespected at worst when the process ends.

An alteration in mental state and a catalogue of high end content will change the usual pipeline with something more maintainable. The pipeline has developed into more of an ongoing process that ranks ongoing engagement over sales relationships. This increased focus on development, especially before sales, makes consumers more likely to stay with you be loyal and repurchase and more likely to give recommendations to friends and colleagues.

With content, you can transition your brand from vendor to partner. To be honest, someone else in your space can almost always come in and undercut you on price. But when you continuously engage your clients, build lasting trust, and form genuine partnerships, you’ll have much greater staying power.

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