5 Features Publishers Can Implement In Preparation for A Paywall

If you don't want to charge for access to your online content, or it is just a consideration for the future, there are still many things you can do to form a stronger bond with your users, while increasing ad revenue and engagement. Here are 5 ways to implement a strategic paywall to help your business:

1. Registration wall

Ask visitors to create a profile so you can get to know them better, in exchange for further access to content. This could range from just an email address and password, to a multi-fielded form. Registered users are much more likely to revisit regularly.

2. Incremental profile data collection

Once users have created an account you can gradually ask them for more information about themselves, so you are not overloading them with questions on the registration form. For example, after every 5 articles/3 visits/30 day period, a pop-up will appear asking for more information such as gender/age/job title, informing them that in doing so their site experience will be enhanced.

3. Premium newsletters

Offering any kind of newsletter increases engagement as it provides another medium to engage with users. Visitors are more likely to register if there is a premium newsletter offering when doing so.    

4. Create Segments

Compile specific groups of users based on their browsing preferences and/or profile data. Target them with relevant Call-To-Actions, products, content walls, offers, news and even advertising, either now or sometime in the future. Both anonymous and registered users will experience a personalised journey, increasing engagement.

5. Challenge ad blockers

Anyone using an adblocker can be asked to turn it off or register to continue viewing content. Visitors using ad blockers can be as high as 35% of traffic, which limits the number of page impressions that can be monetised with advertising.

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