Content access

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The opportunity for publishers to introduce a content or news subscription offer to their entire revenue plan has never been better. Consumers' willingness to pay for greater privacy or ad-free experiences is driving the growth of the digital subscription economy as a trend in consumer behaviour.


The Evolok digital subscription platform supports the full spectrum of content gating models, from freemium all the way through to hard wall.

 Pick your gating strategy, or strategies, deploy them seamlessly to your site, and trigger them on practically any data point or behaviour.

Craft constructive gating policies that promote membership and reward conversion and enhance the experience for subscribed users.

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Control access to content with mixed-wall strategies

Deploy the content access control solutions that meet your needs and evolve them over time. The Evolok Engagement and Monetisation platform is a total solution for content gating, both paid and unpaid, enabling you to implement and change strategies as circumstances demand.


Freemium and beyond

Collect user information without charging or deliver a premium content experience in return for a dynamic paywall-controlled subscription fee.

Target a range of gating strategies at different segments to test their impact or optimise revenue creation.



Defend your site against adblockers

Content creation costs money, so monetisation is your right. If your users don’t want to view ads, that's fine - automatically challenge them to register or pay to continue consuming your content when ad blockers are detected.


Reporting and analytics

Evolok's comprehensive reporting reveals the performance of all aspects of your content gating strategies, from which trigger points perform best to the subscription offers driving the greatest uptake.

What can you achieve with Evolok content access controls?

Content access control is a vital component of a successful digital publishing strategy. Let your content shine and generate demand, without giving it away for free or locking it away never to be seen. Letting anonymous users consume your content up to a point and then presenting them with timely and compelling ways to convert enables you to build out rich customer profiles, refine subscription strategies and more effectively monetise your content.