Core Features


Profile your customers at all stages of their lifecycle with your brand creating a true Single Customer View (SCV) that can be used to drive customer engagement through single/social sign-on, segmentation and advanced targeting. Also utilise Social Profile data to augment your customer view so you can fully utilise customer data to drive engagement.


Protect content and services with advanced multi-channel business rules that allow for Metering, Freemium, Hard Wall and Data wall functionality, mix and match as required to deliver a truly tailored service to for business. Flexibility is the key as optimisation is required as you move forward. Take advantage of features such as A/B testing to ensure you know what works best.


Through segmentation and advanced targeting refine the experience of your users to create a truly one to one experience. Utilising a range of available data sources ensures any requirements for user classifications can easily be met. See the positive affects of your strategy through adavnced insight and refine and optimise the customer experience.


Manage subscription and product bundles ensuring that you can easily create and market in the best way for your audiences. Take payments and provide customer care.


Using extensive APi's and a webhook architecture integrate all your internal and external systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation and CMS with all areas of the platform. This will allow for a seamless ecosystem of data sharing across all the services that deliver for your brand.


Multi-channel Access

The key to engagement is the ability to delivery a capability to any channel or device that your users may interact on. This is why Evolok has full multi-channel support, offering support for all devices from mobile to tablets and beyond.

Cloud Delivery

Delivery in the cloud, ensuring the scale to meet your demands is there and the proximity to your users and platforms is optimised. Just some of the advantages of Evolok in the Cloud.


Support is a key facet of any service and at Evolok we pride our selves on providing thought leadership in any roll out to help our clients achieve their business goals.


At a time when data security is of paramount importance be assured by a number of encryption techniques that safeguard customer data whether in transit or at rest.

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